Trends: K-12 Teachers Relying on Free, Quality Content

From PBS and Grunwald Associates LLC comes a national research report on teachers’ media usage, “Deepening Commitment: Teachers Increasingly Rely on Media and Technology“. Surveys show an insufficient capacity of computing devices and technology infrastructure to handle teachers’ Internet-dependent instructional activity. Further findings: more than half of K-12 teachers report continued cuts in their school media budgets, increasing their reliance on free, quality content. Teachers spend 60 percent of their time using educational resources in the classroom that are either free or paid for by teachers themselves. And as for DVD use? Streaming and downloading of video content from the internet is set to overtake what may someday become an outdated medium. Listen to PBS Education’s Donovan Goode or have a look at the report yourself. Grunwald Associates produces respected industry research on technology, youth, families and the education markets and is a leading providers of custom market research and strategic consulting on corporate public relations and messagingbusiness development, and alliances and online services. PBS Education, well, you know. Find them here.


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