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With more than 100 people from across the nation, Jeb Bush and Bob Wise convened the Digital Learning Council, a group of leaders in education, government, philanthropy, business, technology and think tanks last winter to begin defining the actions that lawmakers and policy makers need to take to spark a revolution in digital learning. Stay up to date on what’s happening with this interesting and influential group; start off by reading this report, “Digital Learning Now!” from the Foundation for Excellence in Education. The report includes “10 Elements of High Quality Digital Learning” which are:

1 Student Eligibility

2 Student Access

3 Personalized Learning

4 Advancement

5 Content

6 Instruction

7 Providers

8 Assessment and Accountability

9 Funding

10 Delivery

For more detail on each of the above points and the full context of these comments, read the full report. Find out more about the Foundation for Excellence in Education. For a further explanation of the report and to view the members of the Digital Learning Council, click here. Included here is a list of 100 people making a difference for digital learning right now, members of the Digital Learning Council:

  • Curt Allen, Agilix
  • Jeanne Allen, Center for Education Reform
  • David Armstrong, Broward College
  • Sally Bachofer, NY SED, Office of Innovative School Models
  • Robyn Bagley, Open High School of Utah
  • John Bailey, Dutko Worldwide
  • Bruno Behrend, The Heartland Institute
  • Linda Burch, Common Sense Media
  • David Byer, Apple
  • Idit Harel Caperton, World Wide Workshop
  • Jaime Casap, Google
  • Karen Cator, US DOE*
  • Shafeen Charania, Microsoft Education Product Group
  • Teresa Chasteen, Worldwide Interactive Network
  • Kevin Chavous, Education Equality Project
  • Milton Chen, Edutopia
  • Barbara Chow, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
  • Susan Colby, Bridgespan
  • Bill Coley, Ohio State House
  • Andrew Coulson, Center for Educational Freedom
  • Rich Crandall, Arizona State House
  • Diana Daggett, Intel
  • John Danner, Rocketship
  • Randy DeHoff, Colorado State Board of Education
  • Steve Dowling, Pearson Education
  • Barbara Dreyer, Connections Academy
  • Rose Fernandez, National Coalition for Public School Options
  • Mike Feuling, Internet Academy
  • Anitere Flores, Florida State Senate
  • Thomas Greaves, The Greaves Group, LLC
  • David Greenberg, Denver School of Science and Technology
  • Russell Greiff, Grockit
  • Aimee Rogstad Guidera, Data Quality Campaign
  • Kevin Hall, Charter Growth Fund
  • Leah Hamilton, Carnegie Corporation
  • Jonathan Harber, Schoolnet
  • Nelson Heller, EdNet/Heller Report
  • Rick Hess, American Enterprise Institute
  • Collin Hitt, Illinois Policy Institute
  • Michael Horn, Innosight Institute
  • Gisele Huff, Hume Foundation
  • Kathy Hurley, Pearson Education/Pearson Foundation
  • Michael Johnston, Colorado State Senate
  • Chip Kimball, Lake Washington School District
  • Joel Klein, NY City Public Schools
  • Keith Krueger, Consortium for School Networking
  • Bill Lager, IQity
  • Kurt Landgraf, ETS
  • Patricia Levesque, Foundation for Excellence in Education
  • Douglas Levin, State Education Technology Directors Association
  • Dale Linn, National Governors Association
  • Bette Manchester, Maine International Center for Digital Learning
  • Margery Mayer, Scholastic
  • Gregory McGinity, Broad Foundation
  • Deborah McGriff, New Schools Venture Fund
  • Doug Mesecar, Slyvan Learning
  • Michael Moe, Next Advisors
  • Bob Moore, Dell
  • Barbara O’Brien, Colorado Lt. Governor
  • Fiona O’Carroll, Houghton Mifflin
  • Ron Packard, K12
  • Susan Patrick, iNACOL
  • Trevor Packer, College Board
  • Sol Pelavin, American Institutes for Research
  • Michael Petrilli, Fordham Institute
  • Deborah Quazzo, Next Advisors
  • Rae Raffin, SMART Technologies
  • Greg Richmond, NACSA
  • Gerard Robinson, VA, Secretary of Education
  • Chip Rogers, Georgia State Senate
  • Gloria Romero, California State Senate
  • Joel Rose, School of One
  • Andy Rotherham, Bellwether
  • Marguerite Roza, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Ron Scheberle, American Legislative Exchange Council
  • John Schilling, American Federation for Children
  • Cyndie Schmeiser, ACT
  • Mark Schneiderman, SIIA
  • Bryan Setser, NCVPS
  • Kathleen Shanahan, Florida, State Board of Education
  • Jim Shelton, US DOE
  • Jabar Shumate, Oklahoma State House
  • Greg Smith, Archipelago Learning
  • Michael Stanton, Blackboard
  • Ana Thompson, Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation
  • Thomas Toch, Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington
  • Cheryl Vedoe, Apex Learning
  • Jeff Wahl, Edison Learning
  • John Watson, Evergreen Education Group
  • John White, NYC DOE
  • Tae Yoo, Cisco Systems
  • Julie Young, Florida Virtual School

The Executive Team of the Digital Learning Council:

Governor Jeb Bush, Co-Chair

Governor Bob Wise, Co-Chair

Kevin Chavous, Black Alliance for Educational Options

Joel Klein, New York City Public Schools

Patricia Levesque, Foundation for Excellence in Education

Douglas Levin, State Educational Technology Directors Association

Dane Linn, National Governors Association

Gregory McGinity, The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation

Gisele Huff, Jaquelin Hume Foundation

Susan Patrick, International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL)

Secretary Gerard Robinson, Virginia Department of Education


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