Cool Tool: Glogster EDU

Check out this cool education platform—a digital poster-maker, really—that takes full advantage of technology and creates an educational tool category all of its own. The online multimedia posters that students can build with text, photos, videos, graphics, sounds, drawings, data attachments and other items is the way to go for classrooms now infused with electronic white boards, digital projectors and tech-savvy teachers who get what their students like. It’s a new approach to book reports, research reports, class projects, homework, presentations and other school stuff. As a platform, it’s really only limited by what new ideas students will come up with. As a great way to fully utilize existing technologies, it has the makings for a masterpiece. There’s a free trial version and a premium version specifically for education and the best way to see how it works is to simply use it. For a tour, pricing and a showcase of some of the best “glogs”—visit

  • Classroom Aid Inc.


    Actually, it can be teachers’ e-curriculum platform too.
    Not only it can embed almost all kinds of resources in an interactive poster, but also it can be embedded into Edmodo, Wikispaces and your websites.

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