Cool Tool: Illustrative Storytelling

Chalk one up for—er, well—squeak one up on a whiteboard—for visual learning. I mean, we all have eyes and of course learn by looking through them. In that way, we’re all visual learners. But you may have your preferences, and some prefer headphones. In any case, I really love this ‘illustrative storytelling’ technique. If you’re any kind of a doodler when you listen to a lecture, you might relate. And if you’ve ever listened to a TED talk, perhaps you’ve already run across Sir Ken Robinson’s little lecture—but I bet you’ve never seen it quite like you’ll experience with this cool tool from RSA (find it at with their apt tagline “21st century enlightenment”). I’m just saying—you’ll find yourself listening to the entire lecture and wanting more! This is absolutely cool. Try it for yourself! If you’re watching on a computer, be sure to click the bottom right corner to allow for full screen viewing to really get the best effect.


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