Cool Tool: CourseHero

Students can access excellent learning materials (more than 6,500,000 student-uploaded documents from over 5,000 universities worldwide all searchable by school, department, course or professor); they can access tutors (think: night before a calculus exam – what do you do?); they can get relevant textbook help (where’d that study guide go to?); and check out materials from top educators (over 1,000 educators representing more than 100 universities have already published their class materials on this site) — all of this, and on a 24/7 student schedule. Improve your grades, strengthen your weaknesses, study more efficiently, land your dream job — all this sounds too good to be true, but there are so many lecture notes, study guides, presentations, lab results, research papers, essays and homework assignments that it’s no wonder. Users who submit such items navigate the site for free, while others pay a monthly fee. Billing themselves as having “the largest collection of study materials online” — they also point out that “93% of our members earned better grades”. Check it out for yourself. For students, this is the new dorm-room style study session; for educators using it as a publishing platform, it just might be a new route to rock stardom.


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