Cool Tool: ActivBoard 500 Pro

Billed as a ‘Next Generation Interactive Whiteboard with intuitive pen and touch’ —
when you use it for yourself or at least see this video—you’ll see why. The pen and touch capability really makes learning with it look like great fun. It works with Windows 7 and integrates with Promethean’s ActivClassroom solutions and content. There are math tools, sounds, templates, and gesture touch applications available as teachers and students discover a natural way of interacting with technology. It’s neat how images can be easily moved, scaled and rotated with finger touch and a pen. Reminds me a little of Spielberg’s Minority Report technology, where a lot of dramatic arm-waving, shuffling of images were part of the future. Have a look at the video and see what I mean. The video is wordless, as that would require translation (Promethean sells worldwide); funny how technology can be so global and so universal. The piano music is nice, too.


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