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A model is only as good as the people implementing it. Here’s an interesting one I found with some talented people behind it. The Promethean Education Strategy team uses this one in their quest to better teaching on a global scale. Successful, collaborative and personalized learning happens through effective teaching. This makes for better prepared students, more prosperous nations, more secure societies, and more engaged global citizens. Not bad for a company currently booming amidst a fast-changing education landscape. Throw in the technology factor and you can see why  it’s key to ensure technology has a central role in realizing the promise of more effective educational systems locally and around the world. Leading edge research, pedagogical expertise, and policy and practical insights all contribute to an approach that demonstrates the impact of the long- and short-term return on investment in education technology. Here’s a bit more to chew on as you study the diagram above: Teacher Effectiveness, examines how technology can help teachers in every aspect of their work; Curriculum Development, surveys the way the face of learning is changing, especially in critical areas such as science, technology and math; Curriculum Architectures, considers how technology can enable shifting curricula to be linked with learning assessment; Data Driven Decision Making, pursues insights into how educators can use data to improve individual and system wide performance; Student Achievement, studies how technology best facilitates personalization and collaboration in teacher/student and student/student interactions; and Education Continuum, explores how technology supports learning system success throughout schooling and into the workplace. Your thoughts? Other useful models, diagrams or flow charts? Share!


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