Trends | Rupert Murdoch in the EdTech Space

Interesting story as it continues to unfold; I’m sure Pearson and a few others are keeping close tabs. In November 2010, News Corp hired former NYC Chancellor Joel Klein to advise them ($2 million salary), bought 90 percent of Wireless Generation (for $360 million) — and News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch continues to express his passion for the edtech sector, which could have implications for e-books, learning materials, learning platforms and other areas. “Everywhere we turn,” Murdoch told the eG8 crowd French president Sarkozy had invited him to in May 2011, “digital advances are making workers more productive, creating jobs that did not exist only a few years ago and liberating us from the old tyrannies of time and distance,” Murdoch said. “This is true in every area except one: education.” Click on the photo or right here for the YouTube video (it really gets going at 5:15); click here for a brief news article.



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