Cool Tool: Tinkerplots Dynamic Data Exploration

Interpreting data is an important skill in today’s world. However, mention data analysis and most student’s eyes glaze over. Key Curriculum Press aims to change this perception with TinkerPlots, software designed to get elementary and middle school students excited about what they can learn from data. Teachers and students analyze data by creating colorful, visual representations that help them understand real data and recognize patterns as they unfold. With TinkerPlots, students gain graphing skills and can explore their graphs to identify common measures such as the mean, median, mode, and more. For teachers looking for ways to meet the Common Core State Standards for Probability and Statistics, this software program helps them and their students interpret categorical and quantitative data, make inferences and justify conclusions, and use models to explore sample spaces and probability. TinkerPlots builds a solid foundation for high school mathematics, by helping students master probability and statistics concepts while achieving the objectives of the Common Core State Standards. Check out the video.


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