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For those out there looking for some interesting weekend summertime reading, this list of education technology reports from the US Department of Education Office of Education Technology offers a nice cache of four national edtech plans, nearly a dozen national surveys and several policy research and program evaluations. It’s an interesting exercise to compare the four edtech plans issued since the first one in 1996—over 15 years ago. A lot has happened since that time, and just having a look at the themes and players involved can help keep things in perspective for you as a leader in education and technology. For example, at the time of the very first report, Richard Riley was still Secretary of Education, Linda G. Roberts was the very first director of the new Office of Educational Technology, and President Clinton had just announced the “Technology Literacy Challenge” envisioning a 21st century where all students were technologically literate with four concrete goals. Times have changed! But have a closer look to see exactly how…


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