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The EdTech Digest Awards Program is now open. EdTech Digest recognizes people in and around education for outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere.

Nominations are open August 4 through September 15, 2011. In 300 words or less state why the person or product deserves special recognition (address the subcategory as applicable). Nominate for any category below. Self-nominations okay.

Technology Solution Providers and PR firms: For an entry form, please email:

There are three major award categories, each with multiple subcategories:

1. Cool Tool Awards: 

▢ 1a new product or service (released in 2009 or later)

▢ 1b product or service

▢ 1c academic gaming solution

▢ 1d assessment solution

▢ 1e classroom hardware solution

▢ 1f collaboration solution

▢ 1g communication solution

▢ 1h content provider solution

▢ 1i digital textbook

▢ 1j district data solution

▢ 1k e-learning solution

▢ 1l emerging technology solution

▢ 1m green solution

▢ 1n interactive white board solution

▢ 1o IT networking solution

▢ 1p learning management system

▢ 1q mobile (device) solution

▢ 1r mobile (app) solution

▢ 1s open source solution

▢ 1t parent/student portal solution

▢ 1u presentation solution

▢ 1v professional development solution

▢ 1w reporting solution

▢ 1x social networking/academic networking solution

▢ 1y security/privacy solution

▢ 1z STEM solution

▢ 1aa student academic tracking solution

▢ 1ab telecomm solution

▢ 1ac virtualization solution

▢ 1ad __________other subcategory (name it)

2. Leadership Awards: 

▢ 2a edu-preneurs (education entrepreneurs), edtech startups

▢ 2b founder/ceo

▢ 2c school leader (teacher, media specialist, technology coordinator, instructional technology coach, principal, superintendent, etc)

▢ 2d visionary

▢ 2e national (U.S. leader on the national stage)

▢ 2f international (leader making a difference across international boundaries)

▢ 2g edtech author (books)

▢ 2h edtech blogger

▢ 2i PR firm/publicist

▢ 2j overall edtech rockstar

▢ 2k edtech evangelist

▢ 2l edtech speaker

▢ 2m edtech tweeter

▢ 2n __________other subcategory (name it)

3. Trendsetter Awards:

▢ 3a product or service setting a trend

▢ 3b leader setting a trend

▢ 3c researcher/research group

▢ 3d foundation

▢ 3e association

▢ 3f conference organizer

▢ 3g best solution provider website

▢ 3h best school or district website

▢ 3i __________other subcategory (name it)

Submit your 300 word nominations indicating what subcategory (e.g., 1z, 2e, 3h from above), name/product name/URL, email, title, organization of nominee, and your own name, title, organization and phone number by September 15, 2011 or sooner to:

Technology Solution Providers and PR firms: For an entry form, please email:

Educators: submit your nominations to along with your name, title, school or district and phone number.

Good luck!


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