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What a concept: curiosity in the classroom—and that’s exactly what Intel and Discovery Education have teamed up for in launching Curiosity in the Classroom—to satisfy students’ curiosity and extend learning concepts found in Discovery Channel’s television series of the same name. Examining a variety of topics, the series seeks to answer some of life’s greatest questions. is an interactive, science-based educational tool that brings science concepts to life with curriculum examining such topics as artificial intelligence, communications, computers, nanotechnology and robotics. With in-class and at-home resources, there are also free lesson plans and videos aligned to national education standards for students in grades 6-12; inspiring career videos and stimulating quizzes to spark students’ interest in science, technology, engineering and math; webinar series exploring some of life’s most captivating questions; and family discussion guides that correspond to the compelling questions examined in the Curiosity series. “The most pressing issues in society today will be solved by curious youth who think critically and have a strong foundation in math and science,” says Shelly Esque, VP Intel Corporate Affairs. “That is why Intel invests $100 million per year in education programs and has partnered with Discovery Education in this effort to encourage students to explore life’s greatest questions and seek answers.” Discovery Channel was founded on the idea that “television can do more than entertain, it can educate, inspire and help people satisfy their natural curiosity,” says John Hendricks, founder and chairman, Discovery Communications. “Through the Curiosity initiative we hope to spark that sense of wonder in classrooms across the country, to engage students’ desire to answer life’s greatest questions, to raise our collective IQ and to explore our world,” he says. And it definitely doesn’t hurt that the partnership also features “Catch Me Being Curious,” a national sweepstakes awarding one family a dream vacation of exploration and discovery. One grand prize winner will receive a family vacation to experience Space Camp in Huntsville, Ala., or sightsee in Washington, D.C., the Grand Canyon National Park or Yellowstone National Park. Twenty (20) second place winners will receive a Discovery Education prize pack. Visit


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