Cool Tool | One Idea for Learning = $5,000

You’ve got cool ideas—and you were going to make a video, anyway. So consider this: Pearson OLE  (Online Learning Exchange) is giving away $10,000 to the most creative, influential ideas that will better teaching and learning. Video submissions will be voted on by peers and vetted by a panel of OLE curriculum experts. You’ve gotta ask yourself, What would help my class learn? How can my passion for teaching benefit my students? What would ignite learning in my classroom? There will be:

  • 3 $1K winners
  • 1 $2K winner
  • 1 $5K winner

All you have to do is think of One Idea, make a short video, vote and promote your idea, and get funded. Deadline is August 28th, 2011. Learn the full details through their website and facebook page.


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