Trends | Infographic: How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education

How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education

  • Nick T.


    I was interested in this article until I saw the name Khan appear.

    Khan and his free home videos has done more to harm the future of online education than help it.

    Everything online, whether it be education or not, requires some degree of support. Khan provides no support whatsoever. And the reason he cannot provide support is because he cannot afford to without charity and freebie handouts. Free business models do not work – and many much bigger names have tried and failed with far better products than a bunch of home movies.

    Because of people like this, people start to expect everything for free. And you simply cannot provide support without there being some cost involved. Anything of any quality costs something, and when you give it away free people do not value it. Khan has received a pat on the back from someone that he aspires to be like, however Mr. Gates and Microsoft do not provide their products free – and for good reason. However as a result, Khan is getting completely carried away with himself and his home movies and trying to tell anyone that will listen how he is changing the face of education. He is not. He is simply “attempting” to change a business model, and he will not be the first to have tried and failed.

    People in education would be far better off looking at this subject from a deeper aspect and viewpoint than accepting it at face value. Running articles like this demonstrate a shallow viewpoint which is disappointing because I like to follow Edtech Digest.

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