Trends | Research: Laptop Initiatives Across 6 States

It’s the million-dollar question: As schools and districts expand tech use through adoption of one-to-one initiatives, providing students and teachers with personal digital wireless devices, they meet learning goals and increase equity and access as a result—or do they?Does teacher knowledge, skills, instructional quality and student engagement rise as a result of technology? What goes up when technology goes in? Read on for findings from evaluations of 6 major initiatives, including Florida, Maine, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Texas. Specifically, Florida’s Leveraging Laptops, Maine’s Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI), North Carolina’s 1:1 Learning Technology Initiative (NCLTI), Michigan’s Freedom to Learn (FTL), Pennsylvania’s Classrooms for the Future (CFF), Texas’s Immersion Pilot (TIP), and Henrico County, Virginia’s Teaching and Learning Initiative. Get an overview, description, findings in outcomes, instructional practices, and planning & implementation. What should you consider when planning a one-to-one initiative? Find that out, too.


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