Trends | EdTech Recognition: Still Time to Enter

Recently, education technology (edtech, or #edtech for that matter) has received a bit of a lashing in the New York Times and elsewhere as a ripple effect. I’ve been in the edtech space since pre dot com bubble days, so it’s funny to see old arguments rise again. But there are plenty of those who know that education will move forward into the 21st century despite such arguments—as long as we’re all pushing in the same direction. Tom Vander Ark is a voice of leadership sticking up for digital learning. Michael Horn from Innosight Institute is a voice of sanity. Mark Weston has been in education technology for longer than I have and he’s also moving forward thoughtfully. In the incubator space, Kauffman Labs, New Schools Venture Fund, SIIA and plenty of others continue to push progress. iNACOL under Susan Patrick‘s leadership is making a case for online learning. There are those involved in education and technology who care very much about improving our schools. It’s important to recognize those who are making a difference, whether they are from education, from the technology solution provider side, or elsewhere. Many of those technology solution providers are people who care deeply about education, having been educators themselves. What cool tools, products, services or people do you know of in the edtech space that deserve to be recognized? Write to me: and let me know. Their story deserves to be told. Deadline for submission is coming right up—Thursday, September 15, 2011.     


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