Cool Tool | Wireless Generation's mCLASS Beacon

Wireless Generation’s newest assessment tool for grades Pre-K-12, allows educators to see student progress through an interactive Learning Map, an interconnected honeycomb reflecting state-specific or Common Core State Standards. Teachers and administrators can use this easy-to-understand format to visualize an individual student or class’ progress on a trajectory; changing shades of universal red, yellow and green, signify the stages of mastery. mCLASS® BeaconTM also enables educators to spot classroom, school and district patterns and empowers them to use data to make informed choices about where and how to allocate resources. This assessment platform can be used for Math, English Language Arts, Science and more, and offers a variety of reports with user-friendly graphics. mCLASS Beacon can also be customized with embedded tools to improve instruction, such as video lesson plans and other professional development resources. Here it is again, but have a look at the up-close view:


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