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From NewSchools Venture Fund comes this interactive K-12 education technology market map. Targeted at the entrepreneurial, philanthropic, and education communities, this tool provides a visual representation of ventures currently operating in the education technology market. Funded by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, NewSchools collaborated with leading experts Michael Horn (Innosight Institute) and Anthony Kim (Education Elements) to develop it. NewSchools plans to find an organization that will take on the maintenance and updating of the market map. In the meantime, let them know if there are other organizations that should be added to the map or if you know of updates. Send information to edtechmap [at] newschools [dot] org. With the edtech market currently red-hot and expanding like never before, no doubt there will be a few (hundred) omissions—so speak right up and get your voice heard (and your company included, if that applies to you). Also, have fun with the map! It’s interactive, you’ll need Adobe Flash, and an idea of what you’re looking for as you explore it.

  • Tim Holt


    This organization looks like they are more than just a simple “We are here to help the po kids.” This is a pro-charter school, anti public school group, as is evident by the number of {public” schools they are working with,
    To me, what would be a much more interesting map would be a map of the US and where these organizations are located. How many are east coast based? How many are working in states where there are high ESOL populations? How many special education students do these organizations and sub organizations serve?

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