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Among the largest and most popular online bibliographic composition tools (it was used by over 33 million students last year), EasyBib is a great resource for students and educators. They estimate they’ve saved students over 162,884,800 minutes of research time. Taking the hassle, tedium, and frustrating minutiae out of creating bibliographies, you can use their AutoCite function to automatically create a citation by just typing in a book title, web address, or journal article. The app does all the work. With 58 options for source types to choose from, you can be pretty sure that you’ll find the right type of citation format for your source. Teachers love it because it encourages students to “cite as they write” which reduces the risk of accidental plagiarism. They also offer other nifty tools, and it breaks down like this:

  • Their Notebook Tool allows students to create and manage notecards in a virtual space. You can group, tag and color code notes and even associate them with a cited source. You can also construct outlines around those notes.
  • Their Website Evaluation Tool analyzes the top most cited websites on EasyBib. It alerts students on what sources are credible to cite, what aren’t, and what are in the middle. You can also view the criteria used to evaluate the website. It’s meant to reinforce critical thinking about sources.
  • Their mobile app is available for free download for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Here’s a great video of it in action on YouTube. Users can build and manage their citation lists, email lists to themselves, and integrate those lists with their existing EasyBib accounts.
  • Their Research Engine. With over 20 citations created a second at times, this company is in a unique position to gain insight into what the most helpful sources are on different topics. Their tool makes these citations and their related bibliographies searchable, giving students a unique and social approach to gathering information from a variety of source types. The more students cite with EasyBib, the more powerful EasyBib Research becomes.
  • Their Content site. They provide tons of great knowledge for students and teachers. They’ve got visual citation guides that help students understand the formatting, a writing guide to help with every part of the research paper process, and topics guides to help kick off brainstorming. For educators, they have a myriad of lesson plans designed to help teach essential 21st information literacy tools and concepts. And of course, they’ve got a slew of tutorial videos. They’ve also got 130K+ Facebook fans. There’s a reason for that. Check it out.

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