EdTech Digest Awards 2012: Standing Room Only – WINNERS

Sure, it’s only spring, but it’s already hot, hot, hot! The edtech space is sizzling with activity and the sharply increased volume of entries in this year’s EdTech Digest Awards Program indicates a marketplace further heating up with innovation, creativity and solutions—all at a very frenzied pace. It’s an overflow room this year with more than double the amount of entries as last. Not to be confused with the late ’90s dot-com scene, this crowd stands in stark contrast, identifiable more by hard-won wisdom and less by hollow hype. Technology and talent are stably coming together for education in a time of great budgetary change where old models continue to crumble as a new normal yet emerges. With school budgets cut by some $20 Billion in California alone over the past three years, vapid glitz-and-glamour solutions have no place when there are plenty of authentic, tried-and-true providers (or at least stable beta startups with built-in, on-the-fly quality improvement mechanisms). The best solutions are earning their places as they build out and scale up; they deliver with ease and efficacy, and in short, they’re real. Venture capitalists seem to think so, too. Over the last few years, they’ve provided at least a $1.97 Billion vote of confidence in educational technology companies closing more than 438 new deals with no signs of letting up. Behind the quality products and services, the apps and platforms, the content and clicks—are real leaders in the space who are under no illusion as to what it takes to get things done. These trendsetters, both people and products, are making it standing room only when it comes to the palpable, electric energy in the edtech sector today—and that’s very good news for the future of education. With still more excitement to come, let’s nonetheless go up on stage, front and center, and tear open the envelopes to announce the 2012 EdTech Digest Awards Program finalists—and winners!

COOL TOOL awards

New Product or Service – Finalists (winner = *)

icurio from Knovation Learning

Qtopia from Qwizdom

EchoSystem 5 from Echo360

Algebra Readiness from Revolution K12

Insight 360 from eInstruction

SuccessMaker Speed Games from Pearson

Dreambox Learning Math from Dreambox

Alleyoop from Pearson

CommonCore360 from School Improvement Network*

Mind Leap from mindleaptech

Noodle from Noodle Education

ActivExpression2 from Promethean

Student Academic Tracking – Finalists

ClassMate from ClassLink

mCLASS Beacon AP Science from Wireless Generation*

Other Cool Tool – Finalists

LaunchPad from ClassLink* (best virtualization solution)

ClassMate from ClassLink

StudyBlue from StudyBlue* (best student study tool)

Vision Pro from Netop

DigitalMedia Presentation System from Crestron

Digits from Pearson

Curriki from Curriki* (best open education resource)

HELP Math from Digital Directions

VizZle from Monarch Teaching Technologies

TenMarks Math from TenMarks* (best blended learning solution)

eduPad Studio from edupad

eBOARD from eBOARDsolutions

PossibilityU from Cambium Enterprises

Variquest Learning Modules from Varitronics

Product or Service – Finalists

Stylus Pro 7700 from Epson

Turnitin from iParadigms

iBoss web filters from iBoss

VMathLive from Cambium Learning Group

The Geometer’s Sketchpad from Key Curriculum Press

LessonPlanet from LessonPlanet

AirWatch from AirWatch

Top Hat Monocle from Top Hat Monocle*

Inside Out from A.D.A.M.

Academic Gaming Solution – Finalists

ST Math from Mindresearch

SuccessMaker Speed Games from Pearson

Ko’s Journey from Imagine Education*

GRAMMonster! from McGraw-Hill

FriendsLearn from FriendsLearn

TNT Reading Tutor from BrainTrain

GameUp from BrainPOP

VocabularySpellingCity from SpellingCity

iTooch Elementary from edupad

Assessment Solution – Finalists

iReady CCSS Screener from Curriculum Associates

Insight 360 from eInstruction

WritetoLearn from Pearson

Naiku from Naiku

Observation 360 from School Improvement Network

mCLASS Beacon from Wireless Generation

Academic Merit from Academic Merit*

Classroom Hardware Solution – Finalists

EchoSystem 5 from Echo 360

DigitalMedia Multimedia Presentation System 300 from Crestron

QuickPack Classroom AV System Package from Crestron*

OnCue Basic Presentation Controller from Crestron

NOVA AIR from fourierEDU

Collaboration Solution – Finalists

Collaboration Tools from ePals

Insight 360 from eInstruction

EQUELLA from Pearson

My Big Campus from Lightspeed Systems

Collaborate from Blackboard

PD360 from School Improvement Network

PD360 Community from School Improvement Network

Nearpod from Panarea Digital*

myTrack from eScholar

mCLASS Beacon AP Science from Wireless Generation

Communication Solution – Finalists

Attendance Discovery from ParentLink

TeacherReach from ParentLink*

Content Provider Solution – Finalists

espresso elementary from espresso education

Class.com Algebra 1 from Cambium Learning Group

Shmoop from Shmoop

Glencoe Writer’s Workspace from McGraw-Hill

Shakespeare in Bits from mindconnex*

Digital Textbook – Finalists

iBook2 Textbooks for Algebra 1 & Geometry from Pearson

Networks: A Social Studies Learning System from McGraw-Hill*

World History, Our Human Story from K12

Miller & Levine Biology iBook2 Textbook from Pearson

District Data Solution – Finalists

Complete Data Warehouse for PK-12 from eScholar*

mCLASS Beacon from Wireless Generation

E-learning Solution – Finalists

myON reader from Capstone Digital

SuccessMaker Speed Games from Pearson

vMathLive from Cambium Learning Group

Glencoe Writer’s Workspace from McGraw-Hill

eLearnApp from eLearnApp

E3 Imagine eBooks from E3imagine

Shakespeare in Bits from Mindconnex

Haiku Learning Management System from Haiku Learning*

Education, Academy, Learning from Colorado Connections Academy

eLearning Solution from ePals

Emerging Technology Solution – Finalists

LaunchPad from ClassLink

Crestron DigitalMedia Multimedia Presentation System from Crestron

Sophia.org from Sophia*

Flow from SMALLab Learning

AirWatch from AirWatch

Mobile platform from ScholarChip

TenMarks Math from TenMarks

Green Solution – Finalists

MakeMeSustainable from Noveda Technologies*

LaunchPad from ClassLink

Interactive Whiteboard Solution – Finalists

BrightLink 485 Wi from Epson

Abrams Interactive Science from Abrams

Insight 360 from eInstruction

Class Dojo from Class Dojo

StarBoardLink from Hitachi

eBeam Edge for Education Projection from Luidia*

Learning Management System – Finalists

Blackboard Learn Release 9.1 from Blackboard

CLG from itworx

Connexus School Management System from Colorado Connections Academy

OpenClass from Pearson*

Mobile Device Solution – Finalists

Insight 360 from eInstruction

PowerSchool for Parents from Pearson*

Mobile Filter from Lightspeed Systems

Anthro Tablet Charging Cart from Anthro

NOVA AIR from fourierEDU

Mobile App Solution – Finalists

Echoplayer from Echo360

Mobi 360 from eInstruction

Mobile Filter from Lightspeed Systems

ParentLink Mobile from ParentLink

Blackboard Mobile Learn from Blackboard

MiLAB from fourierEDU

TopHat Monocle from TopHat Monocle

Featured Movie App (iOS) from BrainPOP*

Murky Reef Think & Play from Frolyc

AppPak: Safe App Delivery for Schools from Carrot App Dev

Presentation Solution – Finalists

PowerLite 93+ from Epson*

QuickPack Classroom AV System Package from Crestron

Nearpod from Panarea Digital

TechnologyWorkstand 2095 from SecurityWorks

Professional Development Solution – Finalists

OnTrack from ClassLink

LiveView from therenow

PD360 from School Improvement Network

CommonCore 360 from School Improvement Network

Fundamentals of Virtual K-12 Teaching from PBS Teacherline

PD Online from ASCD

Academic Merit from Academic Merit*

Edthena Professional Development from edthena

Social Networking/Academic Networking – Finalists

LearningSpace 2.0 from ePals

My Big Campus from Lightspeed Systems*

PD 360 Community from School Improvement Network


STEM Solution – Finalists

Adaptive Curriculum from Adaptive Curriculum*

LateNiteLabs from LateNiteLabs

NOVA AIR from fourierEDU

Simulation Science Tools from Colorado Connections Academy



Andrew Grauer

Fred Singer

Rob O’Leary and Grant Wright



No Child Held Back* (new consortium)

Randy Wilhelm

Berj Akian

Matthew Peterson

Frank Ferguson and Rob Waldron

Nic Borg* (co-founder/CEO)

Ellen Siminoff

Murugan Pal

Shawn Bay

Miles Gilburne

Kim McClelland

Rudy Crew

Barbara Freeman

Bhargav Sri Prakash

Charlene Blohm & Associates* (PR firm)

Martin Lind

Michael Parrales

Steven Engravalle

Jamieson McKenzie

Trever Reeh

Scott Devries

Brad Flickinger* (educator)

Steve Temming

Dalinda Alcantar


Product or Service Setting a Trend – Finalists

studysync from BookheadEd*

Edmodo from edmodo

Adaptive Curriculum from Adaptive Curriculum

eSchoolView Content Management System from eSchoolView

Raptivity from Harbinger Knowledge

Ko’s Journey from ImagineEducation

VizZle from Monarch Teaching Technologies

GlogsterEDU from Glogster

SPARK from School Specialty

ePortfolios from Somerville, Ma., High School

Congratulations to all finalists and winners!


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