Cool Tool | is YouTube Meets Slideshare is your slides, and a video of you presenting them, side by side, on the screen at the same time. On demand, it’s available to view whenever it suits the viewer. Think YouTube meets Slideshare. It’s cloud-based; no need to install anything, it all happens in your browser. Upload your content, record yourself presenting into your webcam, clicking through your slides as you go. Rather than just uploading slides or video, either of which would only be half the story, you can easily design lessons which are effective, personalized, engaging and available for students to view whenever works for them. This fits perfectly with the concept of flipping the classroom, making cool lectures outside of the school walls a better prospect and freeing up teachers’ time to tutor in the classroom. It’s also somewhat inexpensive; a plus account is $9 per month and allows you to upload 30 60-minute presentmes each month with unlimited private presentmes. View an example of a lecture being given in a presentme here, and if you’re still reading this and think it’s cool enough and worth it, sign up here.


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