Cool Tool | Bookboon Makes e-Textbooks Free

An e-book publisher offering free e-books? Really. With e-textbooks from Bookboon, a few ads appear in the books matching your work or field of study. Arrive on the homepage and decide between college textbooks (engineering, IT and business), business books (personal development, career) and travel guides. The process is simple: choose a book, enter your e-mail address and tell them whether you’re studying or working, and the PDF book will pop up—on any device. It doesn’t require registration, e-mail confirmations or payment in any sort: they’re all free. The orange-colored website recruits university professors worldwide who decide to help students by writing free material for them. “Our authors are convinced that their students are spending too much money on textbooks,” explains author recruiter Sophie Tergeist, “and use Bookboon’s textbooks in their lectures.” Since 2005, they’ve published 800 new textbooks by professors from all over the world and are publishing 250 new books in 2012. “Between those talking about e-book prices and the high college fees, we are glad to have support from college professors who want to ‘lighten their students’ load,’” says Thomas Buus Madsen, Bookboon’s COO. Read all about it here.


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