Cool Tool | Kidzmet Like a Web-based Guidance Counselor

Like a web-based guidance counselor, this cool tool helps K-6 classroom teachers leverage the power of learning preferences with their students. After students take an age-appropriate (K-2 or 3-6) preference profile in the computer lab, teachers can use:

1) Kidzmet’s breakout group app to segment compatible student teams on the fly based on personality type compatibilities, multiple intelligence preferences, and preferred learning styles;

2) individual Student Snapshots to develop IEPs or share with the parents of students so that they can become more engaged and effective members of students’ learning team; and

3) Class Roll-Ups that show the learning preferences of this year’s class mix and which are also clickable to lesson planning strategies, tactics, and approaches that will be most engaging for each type of learner.

Unlike many other inventories, the tools’ student profiles and research-backed recommendations are accurate because they’ve calibrated their profile with thousands of elementary-aged students against generally accepted personality type and VAK profile population percentages. Kidzmet continues to gain in popularity among educators and parents for good reason. It’s $24 per year for a Classroom Account, but get it for just $20 through 6/30/2012 by using the coupon code edtechdigest.


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