Cool Tool | Answer Underground Academic Q&A App

Longtime education entrepreneur Sallie Severns has a very cool tool for college students. Her app, Answer Underground, helps students learn by connecting them with study groups across the country. “When I approached students and educators with early versions of Answer Underground,” she says, “the response was overwhelmingly positive.” Whether you have a question about quantum physics or sociology, the app connects you with the answers you need from people who know what they’re talking about. “Today’s college students don’t go anywhere without their cellphones; they’re mobile, and extremely tech savvy,” says Sallie. She’s right, and now the app is available on iTunes. The app lets students and educators create topic-centric groups, allows students and educators to post questions and answers about various academic subjects and classes and lets users rate answers for accuracy. It also sends users the answers via text the moment they are posted. The company behind this free education app that helps students and educators post and answer academic questions in a real-time, mobile environment is headquartered in Silicon Valley and was founded in 2012. Download the app right here.


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