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Schools that compete for students know that not all student inquiries are created equal. Inquiry quality is determined by a large number of factors that can vary widely. Understanding what those factors are can give schools a significant advantage over their competition. Because of this, ‘inquiry scoring’ is quickly becoming an important aspect of enrollment management.
Leads360 has released a new study that looks at historical data, across millions of inquiries, to draw enlightening insights about key attributes that impact inquiry quality.  Here are some of the surprising findings from the study:
  • Married people are two times more likely to enroll in a higher education program than divorcees.
  • Apple Mac users are 45 percent more likely to further their education than PC-users.
When used as part of an inquiry scoring system, data like this can help schools identify the types of inquiries that should be prioritized, the type of data that should be collected, and the best ways to handle different types of inquiries.
The potential value of this data can be maximized when the combined effect of these attributes is used to acquire inquiries, produce or enhance inquiry scores, and determine optimal prioritization, distribution, and nurturing strategies within an enrollment management software solution. A free copy of the Leads360 study, “Scoring 101: Leveraging Insights to Improve Enrollment Rates” can be downloaded here

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