Cool Tool | GuideK12 Geovisual Analytics for Education

Data-driven decisions are important. For many school districts, there’s an overwhelming amount of disparate data in a variety of systems. Prior to now, the technology hasn’t really been readily accessible or easily available to aggregate and share the data for fast and accurate decisions and analysis. Geovisual analytics, an emerging technology category, brings a new way of analyzing data to education. GuideK12, one of the only providers of geovisual analytics specifically for the K-12 marketplace, helps enable decision makers at all levels to instantly explore and analyze school district data by adding geographic and visual dimensions to their student and community information through a web-based tool. From superintendents and business managers to school board members, the Guidek12 solution puts vital information at their fingertips to help them plan more easily. Selecting student information and then being able to visualize it geographically, a district can save time, money and increase transparency for everything from boundary planning and program resource allocation to student performance analysis. Spatially visualizing information provides administrators the ability to spend less time on admin and more time on students. Learn more at


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