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What student hasn’t struggled with math homework, alone at home, with no one around to help? Now middle and high school math students learning with Pearson’s Common Core math programs will have access to extra study support from Virtual Nerd interactive videos (check out our past coverage of these guys!). Available free to students learning with Pearson High School Math Common Core, Pearson High School Math, or Pearson Integrated High School Mathematics, Virtual Nerd’s collection of online interactive video tutorials support twenty-first century learning by delivering personalized content to students. Virtual Nerd tutorials support every lesson in the high school math programs, allowing students to learn in multiple ways. Learners get the benefits of private tutoring through content-aligned tutorials presented on Virtual Nerd’s Dynamic Whiteboard instructional platform, which anticipates students’ questions and allows them to drill down with ease on specific areas where they are having difficulty. Check out Virtual Nerd as a featured channel on myMathUniverse, a free site developed to support Pearson’s middle grades math program, digits. So, even when cramming late at night on math homework, students have their very own online tutor.

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    The free tool available here for the math student is pretty useful when they are doing homework at home alone. Student can learn their math in a multiple way also. Thanks for your valuable post. Thanks a lot…..

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