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modern guild imageAs a manager in the Strategy & Operations practice at Deloitte Consulting who also led recruiting activities, Adrien Fraise was amazed by how many students – even MBA candidates – were unprepared for career planning and misinformed about their job hunt. Once upon a time, being less than 100 percent prepared for a job search may been forgivable, but today, as students face skyrocketing tuition, mountains of  loans and high unemployment, it is unacceptable. Unfortunately, with limited budgets and an average of 9,733 students to every one career counselor, colleges are struggling to provide the one-on-one support many students need.

To help students position themselves to compete in this incredibly demanding environment, Fraise founded modern guild, an online career coaching program for college students. Just as colleges are moving courses online, modern guild is moving career planning online, with a three-phase curriculum taught by real-world practitioners in an online 1-on-1 format. modern guild’s coaching platform, which students can sign up for directly or as an adjunct service of their on-campus career offices, is available to all qualifying individuals regardless of their financial means.

For those who would say that college shouldn’t only be about a job, Fraise would be the first to agree. But college is an investment toward a future – and as college tuitions increase in an era of job scarcity, student attention turns away from renowned professors and impressive student unions and towards their future outcomes. That is where innovators like modern guild are well positioned to step in, helping students maximize their college learning experience towards their job goals.


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