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DisplayNote image2This cool tool allows students to capture all of the presenter’s content using their portable devices like an iPad, laptop, Android tablet or smartphone and ipod touch. Users can add their own notes, capture slides, follow along, highlight text, and save and store mail that session for later review. DisplayNote works alongside any software application which means connected devices can capture all of the presenter’s content like PowerPoints, Excel files, word docs, images, Web content and video, keynotes etc and will work alongside existing hardware like interactive whiteboard, interactive projectors and touch screen displays. In collaboration mode, annotations and images on student devices can be displayed on the teacher’s iPad and whiteboard and viewed by fellow students on their devices. Multiple devices can all work on the same or different presentations. In presenter mode, teachers and presenters can use their tablet, phone or computer to control their desktop, pass control to any other connected device, send/receive private messages to audience members, build collaborative groups and view the screen of any connected device.

  • timholt2007


    I wish they published their prices on their website…sigh,,,I hate to be dragged into something and then the actual cost is prohibitive.



    I agree Tim, somewhere along the line, maybe the students must enter their email address and click agree … and must pay $$ too ? I wonder why they are so secretive. Giving control of all your files docs ppt etc to them during a session seems pretty hairy – how much would you trust a stranger? Paul

  • TammyLynn


    Hi Tim and Paul,

    I work for IVS Computer Technology and we are working with DisplayNote so I have some experience with it. I want to alleviate Paul’s concerns- when in annotation mode, students annotate in what is essentially a screenshot, which makes it impossible for them to modify or save over your file!

    When they install the (free) app onto their portable device and launch it they are prompted for a ID that is given to them by the presenter. This ensures that a random student walking by cannot log into a DisplayNote session. There is no point where student information is requested nor compromised.

    If you’d like, I’d be more than happy to look into any questions you have about the program and even the possibility of IVS doing a demo for you to see the product in action.

    We are showcasing it at a tech conference in our area and are very excited about how it works in our schools with both Android and iOS devices!

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