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Schoolfy imageSchools worldwide have a common obstacle: outdated technology. Oscar Civantos had this realization a while back when working internationally as a data security consultant. Privacy protections were weak and communications methods were stuck in the 1990s. Besides that, teachers were spending valuable time on tedious tasks that could become automated. Three years ago, this entrepreneur cashed in his successful practice to address these and other problems. His mission: provide cutting-edge technology to educators worldwide – for free. He packed his bags and moved from Madrid — to Silicon Valley. From California, he assembled an international team of software developers, engineers, optimization specialists and educators. The result is Schoolfy, a revolutionary edtech platform that caters to individual teachers and entire school systems. It features free social networks that provide unique timesaving features for teachers and above-average privacy protections. The goal is to put back into teaching a large number of hours that are lost to repetitive administrative tasks. Check back here for an in-depth interview with Oscar coming up soon. Meanwhile, check out Schoolfy for yourself.


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