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CREDIT Pearson OpenClassWith recent focus on Open Educational Resources (OER) and institutional content, Pearson has recently announced the launch of the OpenClass Exchange, a significant expansion to Pearson’s free social learning environment, OpenClass. The new service allows educators to search and access born-digital course collections created from scratch to optimize technology, course resources and other educational content, such as assessments, videos and more. The exchange includes a catalog of more than 685,000 items. There are thousands of videos curated from YouTube EDUKhan Academy, and TED Ed, alongside OER courses from the Open Course Library, a collection of complete OER college courses built by educators for educators. The mobile compatible interface makes it easy for educators to add content and respond to students on the go. In addition, Pearson has enhanced the social features on OpenClass, which help educators and students stay connected in a secure education-oriented environment and improve learning experiences.  The new tools give students and educators the ability to “follow” their peers and keep conversations going with “notifications,” to OpenClass activity. With the new features, users can maximize the wealth of new content available. Check it out for yourself and tell us what you think.


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