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HaparaUsing Google Apps for Education in your classroom? If so, then you have probably found, like many other educators around the globe, that Google offers powerful, engaging tools for students. You’ll probably also have discovered that the more your students work in the Google environment, learning in exciting ways, the more content and online activity you, their teacher, need to manage. Feel overwhelmed yet? Enter Hapara Teacher Dashboard, which organizes the Google environment the way your professional world works – focused around classes and students. Hapara Teacher Dashboard makes it quick and easy for you to organize, view and engage with student work. See class and student progress at a glance, perform more and better formative assessment, and save time. Has your school “gone 1:1”? or “BYOD”? Got a cart of devices? Hapara’s Remote Control gives you the ability to see everything students do in their browsers in real time. As a teacher you can open and close tabs for students, share student examples with the entire class, and priority message students. With Hapara’s tools powering Google Apps for Education, teachers around the world are building relevant, engaging and effectively managed digital classrooms for their students. Check it out right here.


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