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flipped learning networkToday, educators across the globe will take a pledge to flip one lesson to experience ‘flipped’ learning, with the expectation that this leads to further flipped units or an entire course. Take the pledge now to flip a lesson on Friday, Sept 6 (or any day for that matter)! Sign up using Flipped Learning Network’s Google form. Hundreds of teachers in 23 countries has taken the pledge thus far. Even more interesting, based on a survey conducted by the Speak Up National Research Project in the Fall of 2012, Flipped Learning Network estimates that only 3 percent of teachers in the U.S. know about or “do” ‘flipped’ learning and yet, 27 percent of principals indicated their teachers wanted to try it this year. Flipped Learning Network acknowledges educators for joining the growing ranks of those who are moving from a teacher-centered classroom to a student-centered learning environment. To be clear, ‘flipped’ learning occurs when direct instruction is moved from the group teaching space to the individual learning environment. Class time is then used for active problem solving by students and one-to-one or small group interactions with the teacher. Students can watch the short lectures as many times as they wish to grasp the content and come to class ready to jump into the lesson, answer questions, work on collaborative projects, and explore the content further. Educators are embracing it in elementary and secondary schools for all subjects. Learn more here.


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