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eQuizShowDeveloped by a high school student in New York City, eQuizShow is a free classroom tool; simply enter questions and answers on its website, and see your Jeopardy-like game be automatically generated. Since all games are stored in the cloud, no need for PowerPoint, and you can play your game anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Don’t feel like creating a new quiz show for your class? Chances are, you can find one that already fits your needs, just search through thousands that have already been created by other teachers. Great on projectors and interactive whiteboards; teachers have used Jeopardy-style games to help students review for assessments, quizzes and tests of all types. If you have a SMART Board (or anything equivalent), using eQuizShow would be a fun and useful way to display questions and answers to students for a review period. If you really want to increase enthusiasm in the students by allowing them to form into teams, you’ll witness increased engagement with the material and students will actually enjoy learning — and showing off what they know. Watch out, it’s completely addictive! 


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