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Polls by BlackboardWe know that major shifts in education are largely being driven by mobile, social and digital technology – forcing educators to look differently at the way teaching is delivered and how learning happens. As one of the leading education technology companies in the world, Blackboard is putting an emphasis on finding new and unique ways to leverage these disruptors in the classroom. Polls by Blackboard is the first offering coming from Blackboard Labs, an experimentation-focused initiative dedicated solely to innovation that pulls ideas from inside and outside the company. The initiative aims to solve education-related challenges through technology and push the industry forward. Polls is a free mobile application which leverages student’s personal mobile devices to enable real-time participation in classroom surveys. Instructors can deploy polls that gauge anything from student opinion on a discussion topic, to comprehension of lecture material. The app is meant to help increase classroom interaction and will help replace hardware clickers students are often required to purchase for higher education courses. True to Blackboard Labs’ mission, Polls users are able to provide feedback to the development team directly through the app and on the product website, ensuring that research and development are continuous and future offerings from Labs continue to be insightful and impactful.



    So this is pretty much the same as Socrative and ExitTicket then right?

    • yesssir

      ya but easy and well designed

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