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CREDIT magicplanetFrom Global Imagination comes the Magic Planet digital video globe, a digital display with a sphere-shaped screen. This is a very cool tool. As you can imagine, it can easily engage students in ways that would dramatically improve both comprehension and collaboration. The company also provides software, content and services helping educators, curators, managers, directors and others to present dynamic information in a visually compelling and interactive way. As you can see, the visual impact is rather stunning — a head-turner in any lobby, classroom, museum, zoo, aquarium, science center, university, K-12 school or wherever else you might find one of these (JPL in Pasadena uses one, as does the New England Aquarium in Boston among dozens of other places including more than a half dozen K-12 schools). Students pay attention, and its realism is more captivating than a simple map or video. Like any emerging technology, the cost eventually comes down, and the sooner the better, as this is a great way to learn not just about our planet, but the moon, Mars, Venus, the Sun or any other celestial orb. Founders Mike Foody, Steve Utt, and Phil Rubesin are three Silicon Valley executives, each with over 20 years of experience building successful private companies. Watch for an upcoming in-depth interview about their very round baby. Meanwhile, have a look.


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