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Digital BadgesDigital badges provide an opportunity for teachers to be recognized for their informal learning.  Worlds of Learning @ NMHS is a place where teachers can learn, experiment, grow, and be challenged.  Their skill mastery is acknowledged with a digital badging system.  Teachers are recognized for granular skills they acquire during the school year by completing tasks outlined on the platform. Registered users can learn what they want to learn, when they want to learn it. This sustained professional learning initiative will prepare educators to fully leverage the potential for mastering digital age skills embodied in the ISTE NETs Standards for Teachers, as well as the seamless integration of technology addressed in the Common Core Standards.

  • Jim Dexter


    Have you had any issues with teachers perceiving this as condescending? Is there an underlying accountability piece to this at either a school or district level? Is it part of a teacher’s responsibilities or totally voluntary and opportunistic?

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