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jasymcaJasymca is what is called a Computer Algebra System (CAS). It is a programmable math environment that allows the user to perform mathematical computations using a combination of mathematical operations and built-in commands. The most popular CAS software are the commercial products Matlab and Mathematica, however in addition to these there are numerous open source and free CAS programs such as Octave, Maxima, and others. Jasymca is a simpler CAS program designed for academic use. It is geared towards undergraduate and graduate level mathematics and science course work. Most of the other CAS programs are targeted towards professional use and as such can be difficult and intimidating for students. In addition to basic mathematical operations, Jasymca supports solving polynomials, ordinary differential equations, integration and numerous matrix operations. This makes it suitable for all levels of calculus and most linear algebra course work. Because calculus and linear algebra are the basic workhorses of many other science courses, Jasymca’s use can be extended to those subjects as well. HoloKlip has built a very nice mobile web front-end to Jasymca, allowing the original software which is written in java to work on phones, tablets and laptops, desktops on any OS or device. With this mobile web version of Jasymca, students essentially have an advanced graphing calculator with a very capable programming environment that can be used for most undergraduate and graduate level mathematics and science course work. Jasymca can also be used to introduce students to basic programming in an environment that requires no setup. HoloKlip’s app currently allows users to save sessions for easy future reference. There is plan to add the ability to enter and save full programs and libraries. The original Jasymca software was developed by Prof. Dr. H. Dersch.


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