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CREDIT Quick KeyHere’s one of those solutions you have to see to believe (click here for video), and then you’ll instantly understand how fast and painless it makes a common chore. Still in beta, the Quick Key site asks, “Are Exit Tickets and Formative Assessments Getting You Down?” This tool eliminates hand-grading so teachers can focus on students. Making formative assessment an effortless process, quizzes and tests become (dare say it!) a pleasure to correct. The solution works for teachers in a paper-based classroom even without a computer. Fundamentally an educator-created tool, this piece of K-12 software is essentially teacher-designed and thus very teacher-friendly. Built on the premise that focus groups and beta tests are not enough: good software for teachers needs to be made by teachers, at every step, at all levels — the founding team of teachers is currently working with a group of software designers and developers to bring Quick Key to every educator who needs it. One user says, “I tried every possible scenario that students would come up with—and it works!” Founded by a career classroom teacher to bring the power of digital to paper-based classrooms around the world, via teachers’ personal mobile devices, this tool is simple and looks very promising. Check it out for yourself.

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