Cool Tool | TeacherVision 2014 Educators' Calendar

TeacherVisionEvery day can be a celebration or a teachable moment with the TeacherVision 2014 Educators’ Calendar. Interactive and available for free online as a printable PDF or as an RSS feed, it features more than 1,000 holidays, historic events and special occasions. Calendar entries link to related science, history, math, English and social studies lesson ideas and teaching resources to help educators bring each day alive for students. In addition to single-day events, like the anniversary of the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment abolishing slavery (January 31), or Thomas Edison’s Birthday (February 11), the TeacherVision Educators’ Calendar has teaching resources for special events like the 2014 Olympics Games in Sochi, Russia and Black History Month. The calendar’s resources highlight historical events as well as timely issues. For example, students and teachers can mark the anniversary of the first moon landing (July 20) by learning more about Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in addition to facts about the moon. Or they can use the calendar during Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, September, to spark discussions on the national challenge of childhood obesity. TeacherVision, published by Pearson, is a popular teacher site for online tools, lesson plans, printables, classroom management resources and skill-building exercises. Save the dates here.


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