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eduClipper on iPadA new iPad app from eduClipper, the social learning platform for teachers and students to curate, create and share educational content, is now available for free on the Apple App Store. The app enables users to explore top-quality K-12 education resources and build personalized learning portfolios that showcase both personal assessment, and begin the shift to more holistic assessment by including the amazing work students and teachers create in the classroom.  The app allows users to build personalized learning portfolios that showcase both personal achievement and academic growth. Educators create classes for students and differentiate instruction with projects that meet students’ needs. Students are then assessed with dynamic feedback in the form of audio, video, text, badges, or traditional grades. The app makes it easy for students to collaborate, find and share resources in and out of their class groups. They also can capture their work using the iPad camera, then create and share their work with the learning community in ‘Presentation Portfolios.’ With the app, users can also work together on eduClipboards for class projects or personal interests. Founded by former educator Adam Bellow, eduClipper aims to make it simple to help students and educators save time, build personal learning networks and more. Check it out.

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