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It’s already making somewhat of a splash in the publishing world and is now just setting up to make its way into classrooms across the country. Daniel Fountenberry is a former teacher that brought a talented team together to develop a new kind of digital book — one that can adapt to each student’s reading ability. Books That Grow tests the reader’s skills real-time, analyzes the data in the cloud, and adjusts the reading material to maximally challenge the student. Imagine a classroom full of kids of very different abilities. “Right now, the teacher splits them into groups and works triple hard to cater to everyone’s needs, or many of the slower students can’t follow and fall behind, while the advanced readers never get really challenged,” explains Daniel. “Books That Grow eliminates the problem. What this means to teachers is that now they don’t need to overwork by preparing multiple lessons. They also don’t need to separate their class into groups and give slower readers ‘special’ books,” he says. All of their students can seamlessly learn together, but at their individual levels. They are ready to bring their library to classrooms, except that they need more books. So what are they doing about getting this adaptive reading platform out there? Well, what a lot of people are doing these days, some to great success: they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to accelerate their production. The response thus far has been, well, see for yourself.  For questions, write to:  Daniel is the founder of Borne Digital, books for digital natives, makers of the Books That Grow adaptive reading platform. See more about them on msnbc and CNN.


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