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CREDIT cardwikiThis tool allows students to work together on their flashcards in realtime. This way, students save time, as the work of creating a set of flashcards can be split up between a group or a class. Students can copy the link of a flashcard set and pass it along to fellow classmates. Alternatively, students can invite their Facebook friends along these lines: “I need flashcards for 10 chapters in my biology book? Well, if I invite 9 friends to collaborate with me, I only have to do 10 percent of the work. Amazing!” After every interaction with a flashcard, students can rate their level of recall with a thumb up, thumb down or thumb in the middle. The better a student’s understanding of a flashcard, the less frequently will it be shown. This makes studying a lot more effective as students can focus on flashcards which still need work. The spaced repetition algorithm in the background will show a student flashcards shortly before they are about to forget them, and if you can follow this, the cards are spaced out along the “forgetting curve”. In any case, it’s pretty cool, so check it out.


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