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Using technology on National Read Across America Day.

GUEST COLUMN | by Nicole Fonovich

CREDIT lucalashes.comAs National Read Across America Day (NRAAD) rapidly approaches, I reflect on how much the reading experience has changed. It is only fitting that NRAAD coincides with Dr. Seuss’ birthday, the beloved children’s book author who wrote the story, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”, among other nostalgic tales. With the ever-so-rapid advances in technology, a child’s literacy level can be furthered and imaginative journeys can be taken with the snap of their digital fingers.

Books are purchased and borrowed not just as hard and soft covers from bookstores or libraries, today they are found on eBookstores, tablets, eReaders, and smart phones. This “digital” shift has opened the doors to more interactive reading experiences for children in the form of book apps on smart phones and tablets, and interactive eBooks.

Children interact effectively with their books when they learn to love the reading experience. Previously, the interaction, has been verbal and imaginative. The advent of the interactive reading experience on tablets and smartphones has made the physical interaction of touch possible, and can enhance the learning process as children learn to love the “art of reading.”

This physical interaction with eBooks and book applications is helping to establish different levels of connection and learning as children become more literate. Being able to make a mental connection between concepts is a skill that increases a child’s ability to comprehend what they read and helps a child become a better student and test-taker. It is fascinating to watch children fall in love with reading in any form, and this new form of interaction between words and children takes this fascination to the next level.

So, this NRAAD, we not only urge educators to introduce a good story to students, we ask that they introduce students to interactivity in storytelling through eBooks and story apps.

Nicole Fonovich is the president of Luca Lashes LLC and co-author of this interactive eBook and app series. She has a Masters of Education in Educational Policy and Leadership from Marquette University.


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