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Most kids in this digital age — digital natives — are more interested in iPhones and iPads than books. However, Pew research shows 65 percent of parents think the value of reading printed books to kids is still extremely important. Little Magic Books hopes to bridge the two. A unique hybrid of traditional print books and smartphone apps, it’s a new medium that aims to literally reframe the smartphone with a physical book. An innovative combination of print and digital, it allows for engagement with print media like never before (check it out and you’ll see why, it’s a genius idea), and an interactive reading experience with your children. Created by an app developer with over thirteen years of experience, new father David Fahrer sought out to combine the special experience of reading together with the benefits of app-interactivity. The Little Magic Books app is easy to use (it launches in three clicks). The first book in the series, “If I Owned A Zoo”, will be followed by more books and series now in the planning stages. The books are compatible with any smartphone in any size, from the iPhone 4 to the Samsung Galaxy Note, and aim to revolutionize education with technology. Funding on Kickstarter now, check it out here.


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