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CREDIT ChalkupThis is a new learning, communication, and social studying platform for the modern class. It’s one, integrated, simple-to-use tool for discussions, assignments, course materials, messages, and flashcards. A “student engagement platform”, it is focused on engaging students, not managing their learning. Students will always know what to do next, what the class is discussing, and how to get help on their schoolwork. Teachers can create and share assignments, store and view class materials, set grades, and annotate inline on student’s assignment submissions. Teachers can also send class-wide messages, and students are instantly notified with a text message or email. Chalkup combines all of a student’s upcoming assignments together inside the “Look-Ahead” area and allows students to create To-Do’s to help them keep track of what needs to get done. The platform enables the class to have engaging online discussions. Students and teachers can ask questions, discuss a video or link, or collaborate on a file with the class. This helps tighten the connection between students and instructors. Chalkup also includes group messaging and flashcards to make online studying with classmates a reality. Start using it in your class for free.

  • K¹² International Academy


    Would you recommend this over blackboard?

  • George R.


    @K12, definitely! I have personally used this tool and results were amazing. Not only I, but many students as well really love it. You should probably try it out!

  • Ashlie


    I can’t get the collaboration feature to work. I upload a file but no one can comment on the document itself. Any advice? Have you used it?

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