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CREDIT SmartSparrowFinally, an adaptive eLearning platform built specifically with the teacher in mind. Most adaptive learning platforms are based on multiple choice questions and the content is limited. Today, teachers want to be in control of the content they teach with and are looking for rich, interactive and adaptive content that gives them more control over their online teaching. Smart Sparrow’s Adaptive eLearning Platform was developed with faculty in a research group for Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Educational Data Mining at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. Their direct-to-academic approach contrasts with institutionally-focused edtech players, enabling an individual professor to develop engaging content while preserving academic control. The platform incorporates an authoring tool that allows professors to create adaptive learning experiences and to easily deploy them to students. There is also a learning analytics dashboard that allows professors to analyze their students’ learning and gives them recommendations on how the content can be improved to achieve better learning outcomes. Smart Sparrow’s Adaptive eLearning Platform is already used by academics from more than 400 educational institutions worldwide. Their mission is to empower teachers to make the world smarter. Check it out.


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