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CREDIT SupplyChaserA new website that allows teachers to create and share supply lists, SupplyChaser is free and allows teachers to reuse and refine their lists from year to year. Teachers are given a unique link for each list so they can post it on their own website or share it through email. The unexpected part is that teachers can search for a specific product on and then paste its link into their list. The list then goes out to and includes the product’s image, details and price. The list also creates a link that will open Amazon’s detail product page for that item when the parent clicks it. Now instead of describing in great detail the 24-pack of jumbo crayons you want the parent to provide, you can just point to it. This takes the guesswork out of shopping and it ensures that students obtain the correct items.  It also allows the parents to click a button on the teacher’s list and have all of the items automatically transferred to ready for checkout. If the parent chooses to shop in a physical store the lists are viewable from their smart phone.  Parents can do all of this without needing to create an account on the site. Check it out for yourself at


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