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CREDIT ExamTimeA free, web-based tool which students and teachers can use to create, share and discover learning resources such as Mind Maps, Flashcards, Quizzes and Notes plus a personal Study Planner — ExamTime is an online learning platform created to help learners achieve their education goals by enhancing their learning experience. As students need to take responsibility for their learning by integrating best practices into their study habits, this tool empowers students to set goals, understand their learning styles and engage in collaborative learning. Their online learning tools help students to:

–       Organize and manage their study notes

–       Visualize information using Mind Maps

–       Learn key concepts with Flashcards

–       Test information retention with  Quizzes

–       Develop and understand key concepts using Notes

–       Collaborate and share study Content with Groups

The platform is constantly being updated with new study tools, features and improvements to existing features. And they have big plans for the future.  Get started with ExamTime’s free learning tools.


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