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CREDIT Silverback Mileposts Parent PortalAn educator-founded technology company, Silverback Learning Solutions is the developer of Mileposts, a student achievement solution installed in schools K-12 nationwide. Now, they’re introducing Silverback Mileposts Parent Portal, a comprehensive solution and parent resource, which will be included in every subscription of Mileposts. The new solution provides parents with clear insights to their children’s available education assessment data and automatically recommends helpful personalized interventions and educational resources that can be coordinated with educators, parents and students. Mileposts is a student achievement solution that provides over 16 million free digital resources and assessment items indexed to state standards via the Gooru search engine for learning. Most parent portal are offered in a closed system and don’t allow the user to have access to open education resources like Gooru. They only give a partial view of a student’s education file to the parents—most often that means access to grades, homework assignments, and attendance history. Parents today want more and teachers frankly want parents to be involved more. Mileposts Parent Portal enables and encourages the parent to become an active participant in their student’s education life from the very beginning by giving them access to tiered intervention strategies used to remediate specific learning and behavioral concerns, assessment benchmarks, teacher notes, and learning plans. Learn more.


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